tirsdag den 10. juli 2012

Day two - part two

Just after the lunch we moved on for our first hike, a classical at kanderseg : Oeschinen see

It was a five hours hike that started by walking down to the city.

But from there we had to walk up to the mountain and it was not that easy.

Breaks were welcome and the cool water from the streams was a real gift from the mountain.

For those who never did this hike before, it was a great surprise and all of us enjoyed the cool water (too cool for the leaders but for Henrik) and the rest on the lake side.



Some of us, not that tired, had even more fun triyng the toboggan run

and then we all had to walk down to the camp.

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  1. To Serge, all the other leaders and the scouts.

    Thanks a lot for taking time to sharing this with us!

    It's a great way for us to follow you and it looks like you have a brilliant time enjoying yourselves. May the weather continue like that and may you all have a terrific camp!